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Malden Single Families for Sale

Malden Single Families is linked to the largest database for properties for sale in the Greater Boston area. There are usually around 50-60+ up-to-the-minute single family homes for sale listed on the database. Click the "Search Sales" button below to view up-to-the-minute availability. The system will also let you search single families in surround communities as well.

Literally all of the largest real estate brokerages in the Malden area post listings to the system this site is linked to! The listings will include the actual address, photos, a description, and more. Some of the listings also have virtual tours.

Malden Single Family Home Statistics

According to MLS statistics, below is the number of single family houses to sell in Malden by year:

• 2005 - 209 sold
• 2006 - 201 sold
• 2007 - 202 sold
• 2008 - 176 sold
• 2009 - 197 sold
• 2010 - 157 sold